Rules & Regulations

  1. SEASON: May 1St to October 15 is the period when metered electric, water, and sewer is provided.
  2. CAMPSITE: May accommodate one recreational. A screen house is permitted. A small tent ( 7’X7′ or smaller) is permitted for children.
  3. SEASONALS: are responsible for maintenance & mowing of their site and are to keep it neat and orderly. Each seasonal is responsible for keeping their lawns mowed and toys and debris picked up so it is at all time tidy.
  4. RESTRICTIONS: No storage sheds without prior permission of owners. Sheds can be no larger than 8’X 10′.
    FENCES are not allowed without prior permission of the owners. No fence can be more than 40″ high under any circumstances.
  5. DOWN PAYMENT: Deposit payments must be received by October 15th to reserve your site for the following season. The balance is to be paid by March 30th of the camping season.
  6. SITES: Are licensed to the tenant for the sole use of the lessee, spouse/partner and unmarried children under the age of 18 years of age. All guest and family staying overnight must pay $5.00 per person per night at the office. Grandchildren under the age of 18 are welcome to stay without charge. Grandchildren’s friend is subject to the $4.00 fee. Subleasing of the site is not allowed.
  7. REFUNDS: Tenants choosing to leave before the expiration of the license or evicted for policy violations will
    NOT be reimbursed.
  8. VISITORS All visitors must register at the office upon arrival (even if riding with tenant) and must be visiting a registered camper who is present on the grounds. There is a $2.00 charge for visitors. It is a tenant’s responsibility to make sure their visitors register. Overnight guest will be charged $5.00 each. Day visitors must leave by 10 PM.
  9. SPEED LIMIT: 5 MPH in park. Only licensed drivers may drive on the grounds. Do not drive in our lawn.
  10. QUIET HOURS: are from 10:00 PM to 8 AM. During quiet hours TV’s, music, and voices must be lowered and not heard off your site.
  11. CHILDREN: Are not to be left unattended if you depart from the campsite. They are not allowed to play on the fences or in or around restrooms. Children 8 years of age and younger must be accompanied to restrooms and showers by an adult. No bike riding after dark. Playground closes at dusk at which time children should return to their campsites. Children are not allowed to ride bikes or walk through other camping sites. They must use driveways
  12. PETS: must be leashed at all times. Either at your site or when being walked. Be considerate of others and do not leave your dog outside to bark, howl, or whine. It is your responsibility to scoop up after your dog. No exceptions. You must give the office a copy of your dog’s rabies certificate. No unvaccinated dog is allowed in park at any time
  13. FIRES: Must be in an enclosure such as a fire ring, stove, or grill. No fires shall be left unattended. All fire must be extinguished before leaving. ABSOLUTELY NO GARBAGE IS TO BE BURNED. No garbage is to be left in fire ring.
  14. ATV’s: and motorcycles are not permitted: Motorcycles with quiet motors may be used for transportation to and from your camping site.
  15. RESTROOMS: Sinks in restrooms are not to be used for washing dishes or clothes. Children under 8 must be accompanied to restroom by an adult.
  16. GARBAGE DISPOSAL: All trash must be tied in plastic bags before placing in the dumpster. There is recycling bins in front of the equipment building. Garbage if stored at your campsite must be in a sealed container (ex.
    Garbage can with lid) and not visible from the road. No garbage is to left on your site for more than 24 hours.
    Only put garbage, accumulated at the campground, in the dumpster. Our dumpster is not for trash brought from home. NO garbage will be left at the camping site.
  17. BLACK/GRAY WATER: Grease and ashes are not to be dumped on the ground.
  18. PRIVACY: Of other campers will be respected. Do not walk, ride bikes, or drive through any sites. Includes vehicles and golf carts.
  19. TREES: and flora is part of the beauty of this park. Cutting or trimming is not allowed without prior permission of the owners. No nails or large ropes or wired cables are to be attached to the trees. There is a $15.00 assessment for damaging, cutting, breaking branches, or peeling bark from trees, in addition to eviction.
  20. ELECTRIC: Will be billed each month. Meters will be read and you will receive a statement each month. Any amounts due should be paid as soon as possible.
  21. GOLF CARTS: are to be driven by adults only. An owner of a golf cart will be responsible for any damages from their golf cart regardless who was driving it. All drivers must be over 16 and have a valid driver’s license. Golf cart release must be signed and returned to office prior to operating a golf cart on these premises. Speed limit is 5 mph
The following policies have been established to ensure that everyone enjoys their stay at Sunflower Acres Familv
Campground. We have established policies that benefit the majority, provide consideration for other campers, and safeguard the beauty of the park.
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